Creating a Unique and Scalable Mobile Experience

A while ago I submitted a proposal for SXSW 2012 called Creating a Unique and Scalable Mobile Experience.

I think it’s a good talk folks might be interested in, if you agree a vote my way would be much appreciated.


Carrying the Web wherever you go is the future, we can all agree on that, but how do you plan for the future of a technology that is still in it’s relative infancy? This session will address how to make your mobile strategy scale to the future. Should we be building for specific devices? Should be be building for the Web? What technologies should we be using to create a unique and memorable experience? We will talk about how to design and develop with scalability in mind from the start so we don’t hit roadblocks along the way which can not only derail a project but create long term problems and scope creep that can damage the user experience. We’ll also talk about jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, performance and how it all fits into the overall picture. You will hopefully leave this session with the knowledge to create a framework for the future of your portable-Web strategy while saving development, design, maintenance, and buckets of cash in the process.