This Week in Links 10/27

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Better CSS Font Stacks

A good article on how to jazz up your stacks to try and take advantage of users who have more fonts installed. I’m all for this, and as long as it’s done carefully, can get a nice version of progressive enhancement.

5 Terrible SEO Ideas

Richard Bradshaw goes over some trendy (and terrible) things that are common in SEO such as: keyword stuffing, dupe content, link farms, splash pages, and cloaking.

Fun with Overflows

I think this is a great idea (check out the demo). It creates a very similar interface to that of Plurk, the twitter competitor.

Tweet What you Spend

This is a pretty cool service that uses the Twitter API to track spending. I know it can seem kind of geeky (as is reading articles about CSS…), but tracking your spending is a great way to save money, it gives you a lot of power when you know exactly how your paycheck disappears every month. Provided you don’t mind sharing your expenses with the Twitterverse, this is a good service and very easy to use.