GG Servers offers hosting for a lot of different games, one of the most popular being minecraft. It’s a pretty affordable server hosting that offers multiple plans, a user friendly MultiCraft and plenty of RAM.

Of course, there’s a lot to consider when setting up your own network server for you and some friends. In this GG Servers review, we take a closer look at what it’s all about, what it has to offer – and whether or not it’s worth your time and money.

What Is GGServers?

GG Servers started off as Minecraft server company that was launched in 2013. Based in Canada, their aim is to provide the best possible server experience at an affordable price, and they’re constantly listening to feedback to help them make improvements so that the overall user experience is enjoyable.

GGServers is reputable and serves 400,000+ clients all over the world, and they also have 9 data centre locations with 20+ staff on their books.

How Easy Is It To Get Started?

First, you have to pick a plan and server type that’s right for you, as well as any mods or plugins you want, process payment – and that’s it. You’ll get an automated email with your subdomain letting you know that your server is up and running (this happens instantly) and you’re free to get cracking.

We also wanted to upload our own world and that was a piece of cake, too. We simply uploaded our files to our server, chose our world from the control panel – and that was it.

What Is Their Server Uptime Like?

When it comes to choosing a top Minecraft hosting server, you want as much uptime as possible and as little downtime as possible.

The good news here is that GGServers are up most of the time. There will be times when it’s down, but that’s usually caused by the players themselves. Occasionally, GG Servers will plan some downtime to make upgrades but they will let you know.

When the server does go down, you might experience one or two problems getting the MultiCraft FTP to be fully operational, but a lot of the time this is down to the individuals own server, as opposed to the hosting. If this happens to you, just send the customer support team a message.

GGServers Customer Support

Customer service is incredibly important at any Minecraft host because there will always be one or two niggling problems that need sorting.

When we used GGServers, we found their customer support to be nothing short of exemplary. Live chat is available 24/7 and the assistants answer your queries almost instantly with detailed answers that help you get back on track as soon as possible.

That said, you have to open a ticket for comprehensive answers to tricky technical problems so there will often be a wait. However, in our experience you shouldn’t be left waiting for longer than 24 hours.

All in all, GGServers customer support is excellent and they are always using your feedback to improve their product.


As mentioned, server uptime is generally very good. In our own experience with GG Servers, downtime was minimal.

Ensuring reliability are SSD/NVMe SSD and mighty single-core CPUs that turbocharge every single Minecraft server offered by GG Server. This is a top notch server hardware that will rarely (if ever) let you down. Major thumbs up for reliability.

GGServers Prices and Plans Review

Pricing is obviously a huge thing to take into consideration when choosing your next Minecraft host. And while most Minecraft servers offer plans that start out from around $5, GG Servers actually goes one better by offering a basic Starter plan at just $3.00 per month. That’s a really good deal that nets you 12 played slots and 1024 MB Ram.

Here are their other prices and plans:

  • Coal – 24 player slots and 2048 MB Ram from $6.00 per month
  • Iron – 36 player slots and 3072 MB Ram from $9.00 per month
  • Gold – 48 player slots and 4096 MB of Ram from $12.00 per month
  • Lapis – 60 player slots and 5120 MB of Ram from $15.00 per month
  • Redstone – 72 player slots and 6144 MB of Ram from $18.00 per month
  • Diamond – 96 player slots and 8192 MB of Ram from $24.00 per month
  • Emerald – 144 player slots and 12288 MB of Ram from $36.00 per month

You also get to choose between premium and standard packages, with both offering free subdomains and 24/7 support. However, only the premium packages offer unlimited slots and MySQL databases. Moreover, while the premium packages serve 9 world-wide locations, the standard package does not.

Any Discounts?


GGServers regularly offer promos and discounts on their website. Their most popular one is a 20% off your first month discount that’s available with a GG Servers coupon (which you will find on the official website).

You can also get a free trial 512 MB server for 7 days, although the features will be limited.

How Safe Is GGServers?

GG Servers is a 100% legit product from a reputable server host that’s been around since 2013. You don’t need to worry about the company being a scam or otherwise suspicious. All servers are guaranteed DDOS protection for no extra charge, too, so that your network server will be safe from attacks.

It’s also worth mentioning that full refunds are offered within just 24 hours if you decide that you’re unhappy with the service provided.

Moreover, GG Servers hosted the first ever Notch public event.

Is GG Servers Worth It?

Ultimately, it is.

GG Servers strikes a solid balance between quality and affordability. Customer service is good, features for each package are well worth the price and reliability is exactly what you want it to be with plenty of uptime. Whether you want a small network for you and your pals, or whether you need a much larger network server for more people, it’s got you covered.